3 Indians feature in the top 50 WEALTHIEST people in the world. India’s GDP is supposedly the best in the world. Our country’s total income adds upto more than 1 trillion dollars. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is also known as a money minting organisation. These are a few facts about our country which we are proud of and which are good to speak on an international platform.

Now welcome to the real world. Still more than half of the country is below the poverty line, still more than 35,00,00,000 (35 crore) people do not know how to read or right. Blind beliefs are still followed. Child marriages still happen. Farmers are committing suicide because of lack of knowledge bout scientific techniques to grow their crops and so on… If one were to consider all these problems and try to form an equation then it would be something like this:


so why am I telling you all this? All of this sounds a li’l cliché, right? “The govt must take care of this” is what might come to your mind. This was what even I used to think about it, until we started our quest to find out WHAT is the actual problem that this has been existing in our society from the past so many decades and still we are nowhere even close to solving it. So, we visited 3 very small govt schools in our neighborhood and what we saw wasn’t a great sight. All schools had the similar problems. Lack of good teachers or rather tlack of teachers at all, students had no shoes to wear (infact more than half of them didn ve any footwear to wear), children came from such poor backgrounds that they didn ve money to even buy a 3 rupee pencil or eraser, but still you could see a joy and a hope in their eyes as well as an eagerness to learn. Now then, is it right that these students are deprived of their right to get education for no mistake of theirs that they were born in a poor family?????

The next question that came to my mind was, how can I in the present state contribute to help improve this situation. The answer was right in front of me, in the students:

95 bucks per pair of shoes.

10 bucks for a set of pencil box for the primary children.

And above all,

a few hours of TEACHING.

Then a thought came to my mind, what if the 4000 MSRITians contributed their bit for this cause. Imagine,

4000 students will go with shoes in their feet,

4000 students will ve pencils to draw and write

4000 teaching hours even every MSRITian spends just one hour of their life to teach something valuable to these children.

Thats when we came about forming this organisation and try to bridge people like me and you and the poor school kids. Ask yourself, is that too much am asking from you? A pair of shoes instead of one (yes, just one) game of bowling, a pencil box instead of one (yes gain, just one) bottle of coke, and one hour of your entire life..

if you think you can manage to this little bit then PLS leave your name and contact no to support the cause.


Mail back to email id:


-Aniket Deshpande


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